Development packages

Toteemi development work will be implemented in three development packages. Each development package will form its own co-creating community for solution creation. Development packages will meet in project seminars. The higher education institutions are committed to create and disseminate solutions within the development package as well as between packages.

Flexibly at work

The subprojects in this development package will create studies independent of time and place by building flexible study paths and possibilities for year-round studying. Integration of learning and competence development outside higher education and studies will be studied as a part of the development package.

Competence from and to work

The subprojects of the development package are to develop interaction between work and higher education plus strengthen the students’ role in work- higher education co-operation and the development of work. As part of the development package, research-based information about student employment, career and entrepreneurship paths will be disseminated, work-related projects based on co-creation will be developed as well as involving alumni networks in competence assessment.

Wellbeing in learning at work

The goal of the development package is to develop work-based student guidance in co-operation with workplaces, student associations and unions. Challenges of student wellbeing and good guidance practices are mapped out as part of the development package. In addition, the possibilities offered by student communities ang tutoring are researched to enhance student guidance and wellbeing.