Toteemi networking and Arcada’s Nursing Department

By Denise Villikka, Arcada UAS

Through networking both domestically and internationally, best practices are being shared with the aim of contributing to the main aims of Finnish National TOTEEMI Research Initiative. Below are some of the recent activities connected with this project.

This year I have had the great privilege to represent our TOTEEMI project as a keynote speaker at two SUN conferences. The first conference was held in Trondheim on 24-25.10.2017 and the second took place in Tampere, Finland on 8-9.11.2017. At both conferences, I presented a lecture (60 minutes) and a series of workshops that ranged from 45-90 minutes in length. During these encounters, I was able to share our TOTEEMI research project with participants. There were many excellent presentations at the conference. For example, one innovative presentation outlined how they use table simulation “Brick Hospital” to uncover hidden gaps in the facilitation of care during a clients’ hospitalization. The presenter was Bodil Thorrsager Svendsen who is the chief Emergency Physician and instructor of Emergency Services in Copenhagen. Her innovative approach of using gaming was inspiring and I was reminded that simulation can be conducted not only in an expensive simulation center but can also occur using a table and some pieces of paper.

Additionally, Arcada UAS received an invitation to join the Minister of Education and Culture, Petri Haltia ( in a day of discussion and sharing. Each representative presented cases depicting specific challenges that were identified and addressed within their higher education institution. The titles of the cases I prepared for this day were:  

  • Supporting Competency Development through Virtual Simulation
  • Recognition of Prior Learning: Assessing the Competence of Immigrant Care Professionals in Higher Education
  • Continued Education: A Path toward Strategic Change/Development within the Health & Welfare Sector

Through recent activities including the conferences, additional interest has been expressed from universities located in Norway and the Netherlands together with Laerdal Medical Company and Pearson Publishing Company. It is hoped that through networking together with universities and the business sector the new models and strategies created through the TOTEEMI research initiative will serve some of the current and future needs of society sustainably.

Ending thought: Through these experiences, I am reminded that communication is not only about language but takes many shapes and forms. How we connect with one another can be described as a form of art that allows us to share experiences in a given space within a given time. Whether the connections are physical and/or virtual they add to our existence and can be beautiful.